Milk Everyday!


Milk Everyday!


What's cold, refreshing, and white all over? Milk. And when do you want it? Everyday at second nutrition break! 

Monday: Milk. Tuesday: Milk. Wednesday: Milk. Thursday: Milk. Friday: Milk.

That might sound repetitive, but it's better than Monday: Thirsty. Tuesday: Thirsty. Wednesday: Thirsty. Thursday: Thirsty. Friday: Thirsty. and 2085: Osteoporosis. 

Prevent thirst and osteoporosis by ordering milk everyday for your child(ren)!

Once again RPPS School Council will be offering a Milk Program that will deliver a milk box to your child for second nutrition break. If you'd prefer to only get milk on Fridays, go here.

Monday, 28 January to Friday June 21 2019 (no milk last week of school)

Total amount must be provided even if some days will be missed. We cannot offer refunds.

If you would like to donate milk for a child in our school who would otherwise go without, please complete form with Donation in the ‘Students Name’ field. We will make sure that the milk is provided to a child.


Please order by September 20.

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If you have any questions please contact Allison Padova at

* Writing these blurbs isn't easy. It's even harder when you realize that everything you have to say about milk is just a repackaged slogans from Milk Board Ads. But there is actually a lot to be appreciated about milk. Drinking milk reaffirms your love for life itself. It builds strong bones and does a body good. And the faster life gets, the more sense milk makes. So has your son/daughter got milk?